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What is TeutonPE ?    
TeutonPE (Preinstalled Environment) can be seen as a "total conversion" of BartPE. Goal is a Boot CD / Usb (Thumb-)drive etc. which contains Portable Applications that can be run from the CD/USB in your (Windows or Wine-dows or ReactOS) If this isnt possible the Applications can be run from an "own" OS. Furthermore you can run and use it in a Virtual machine (Qemu / VirtualBox / VirtualPC).
Advanced Tor TeutonPE Plugin for the freedom of speech on your PE 20.05.10 root
Advanced TOR by hexhub is a derivative of the famous TOR Project. The advantage compared to the "normal" TOR is that you dont need Vidalia & Privoxy, and therefore it wasn`t difficult to create a Portable Version of it. The plugin has been successfully tested, here is a screenshot with changed IPs. Another important fact is that your traffic will leave your network SSL encrypted, that means that Country enriched Firewalls arent able to look inside the Packets. The real Destination Host is also not viewable, cause TOR uses a network of volunteers who provides their Bandwith to secure your transaction. You can become a TOR-Node too. The tests with using this Plugin in TOR-Node mode where also succesfully. So if you got some time checkout the TOR Website or visit Advanced TOR at sf.net. The BartPE/TPE Plugin can be found here.
Special Thanks goes out to Ian Sharpe, the developer of SetRes 04.05.10 root
SetRes - The Commandline Tool to set up Display Preferences is now OpenSource. Ian Sharp released it on 30.4.2010 under the GPL 3 License, We want to thank Ian, for this contribution. Please visit Ian`s Homepage http://www.iansharpe.com for a great collection of Programs and Excel Tools. Setres is actually used by TeutonPE but due to the fact that it was Closed-Source I used the version provided with the PeBuilder. So the next TeutonPE GUI Plugin will include Setres.exe in version 2.3. Standalone Binary & Source can be downloaded from Ian`s Page or from Sourceforge.
Combining the Idea behind PortableApps.com with the power of a PE system 28.02.10 root
All Tools are usable even without booting into the PE ! There is a Live Blackbox Version accessible via autorun.inf that provides a Menu with all the Programms you have embedded from this Project. You Explorer Shell will disappear but no panic with a simple right-click on the desktop you will see the TeutonLive Menu and under Exit->Quit TeutonLive you will return to your old shell.
How to compile TeutonPE 13.11.09 root
First of all you need A valid/legal Microsoft Windows XP/2003 CD. Then you need the BartPE Builder. You need also The TeutonPE Main Plugin (BB4Win Shell, ReactOS & Wine Progs & libs & some runtimes & the Teuton/BB4win Menu System) & of course some other Plugins from this site to test the menu. Copy the Plugin into the PE-Builder plugin Folder and compile a CD with PE-Builder